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With deep experience in data science, AutoDeployAI leverages open-standard and open-source technologies to deploy your ML & AI models into production at scale on Kubernetes, which provides highly reliable and scalable AI models deployment services. Let’s make AI work for you!

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DaaS-MicroK8s 0.9.0 released

DaaS-MicroK8s help users to install DaaS into a single server based on MicroK8s that is the smallest, fastest, fully-conformant single node Kubernetes cluster. DaaS-MicroK8s makes it easy to set up AI model …

PMML Scoring Libraries 0.9.0 released

PMML4S, PMML4S-Spark, PyPMML, PyPMML-Spark 0.9.0 released on Github. You can evaluate a PMML model in popular languages, like Scala, Java, and Python, and run it in Spark to evaluate big …